Images from Sacred Songs


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“Images from Sacred Songs”

Bronze Plaque

14.5”h x 13.5”w x 1”d |   Limited to 35 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
Order through our Purchasing page or Email Joe

Images from Sacred Songs

The piece reflects the energy of ceremonies and dances that I have participated in.

I placed a rain cloud on the right side with a Rainbow touching the Prayer Altar (the step design). On the upper left corner is the eye of the Kachina, it represents our sacred ceremonies, these ceremonies are our connection to our people’s ancient past. The waves in the background represent the energy of the prayers in the songs and all the sounds of the dances in unison.

On top of the waves are varying colors of circles representing Spirits that encircle us, dancing with us, enhancing our energy as we dance. The movements of the dancers, the vocalizations from the singers, all creating a moment of prayer, a moment when the song becomes a living thing, alive with energy. The Blessings that it brings is experienced, whatever they may be, of growth, of prosperity, youthful graceful aging. Also bringing snow and rain to our lands, our altars, our fields of corn, helping all things to grow.

~ Joe Cajero Jr.

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