Pueblo Corn Dancer

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“Female Pueblo Corn Dancer”

21”h x 14”w x 9”d | Limited to 40 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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Sets Available!

Set of Three: (2) Females and (1) Male

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The Pueblo Corn Dancer

The Corn Dance, also sometimes referred to as the Harvest Dance, is our favorite dance to participate in. It is considered a warm season dance, so it takes place at different Pueblos during the Summer into the late Fall Season.  Althea and I dance together as partners when we sometimes dance in Acoma on their Feast Day.  Our love of participating together in this dance was my inspiration for this sculpture.

When I was thinking about this piece, I knew I wanted her to represent all the Generations of Pueblo women who have loved participating in this dance. When I was a young boy my Great Grandmother, Petra Romero, told me stories of how she had long hair down to her knees when she danced as a young woman.

Then I thought all of the ones soon to be born coming into the world, and how in a several years their love of this dance will be expressed.

In order to create a piece that represents many generations, I knew I needed to implement a contemporary style and withhold the details of her face and fingers. The challenge was to only render the motion and what I thought captures the meditative Spirit and feeling of losing oneself in songs of prayer. We dance with youthful hearts on these special days, praying for the well beingness of all living things of the Earth. Joe Cajero Jr

~ Joe Cajero Jr.