Daughter of the Earth

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“Daughter of the Earth”

21″ H x 16″ W x 8″ D   |   Limited to 30 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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My creation of this Spirit Maiden was inspired by the Corn Maiden concept. I titled her “Daughter of the Earth”.

She represents the nurturing Spirit of Nature. Her loving guidance and energy inspires seedlings to sprout and stretch, growing toward the warm Sun. She tends to all the delicate details of the changing seasons.

Her headdress is called a tablita. Each Pueblo has their own style of tablita. This is the style of the Jemez Pueblo tablita that is worn by the women in our Corn Dances. There are three rain clouds on the top of her headdress. The turquoise patina color represents the falling rain that nourishes and dampens the Earth (represented by the rust textured area of the headdress). Her arms are leaves of the corn plant, they gently hold the resting butterfly as their two spirits commune.

There is a design of a flowering plant with hummingbirds, these are symbols of natures beauty and flow as the feeding of nectar and pollination takes place. Unknowingly, each helping to serve the other while helping the Spring and Summer seasons to mature.

On her back is the cornstalk, I placed this design here to recognize that corn has been the back bone of our Pueblo Culture. It is what has nourished our bodies and we use the dry corn meal and pollen as an offering in our ceremonies.

The cape she is wearing was inspired by the Hopi maiden cape, the orange rust fade brings warmth to the piece.

Lastly, at the base of the sculpture are the brown hues of patina and texture that represents the Earth’s surface. The colors fade into the colors of water representing the underground water table. The water table is so important in the southwest, my belief and hope is that recognizing this in this piece will help strengthen the prayers of healthy rains and water conditions for us all.