Gentle Spirit

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“Gentle Spirit”

26″ H x 12″ W x 9″ D

Artist proof editions available. This maiden is a highly spiritual piece for me. She represents Mother Nature, the feminine force that takes care of all living beings, plants and animals. She took form during a very difficult time in my life and I truly believe she guided me through the formative process. I employed more abstraction into this piece to effectively capture her essence.

The design on the shawl has spiritual significance in my Pueblo culture. The three-tiered steps (shiny bronze) represent kiva altar steps. The triangular shapes pointing downward are the feathers we offer in prayer, one on top of the other symbolizing the prayers of the people. The clouds above each tier are the blessings received when we pray for rain, moisture, abundant rivers and healthy run-offs that will nurture all living things. On her backside, the shawl turns into the ground, Mother Earth. From the earth grows a flower, flanked by two hummingbirds.

As you turn her, the ground surface turns back into the shawl. I wanted her to embody the idea of continuation, the cycle of life. The design on her left arm extends outward symbolizing rain. The two feathers in the middle represent the people?s prayer for rain. The textured area on the inside of the shawl, as well as within the feather and clouds, is my attempt to capture the energy and atmosphere of love that I imagine exists within the spirit world.

The patina I selected for the back of the shawl is the subtle colors of fall. The patina is darker at the base and lighter at the top where the hummingbirds fly. Her tablita (the head dresses women wear during our corn dances) is turquoise blue to represent the color of the sky, with red altar steps on both sides and a rain cloud in the center. Finally, I gave her a slight smile and placed a hummingbird on her finger to show her gentle spirit.