Kindred Spirit: Spiritual Being of the Antelope

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“Kindred Spirit: Spiritual Being of the Antelope”

27”h x 11”w x 9”d   |   limited to 30 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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As I contemplated that which gives spiritual guidance, I called for a vision dressed with blessings of life. From this came Kindred Spirit.

Kindred Spirit wears the Heavens-with the Sun, the Moon and the Star-on his chest. In this sculpture, the two white lines symbolize male and female celestial beings in existence in this and other galaxies. Beneath that is the kiva wall. Here extends a rainbow with the energy of life placed in the middle. A cloud strengthened by lightning showers the land.

Below his knees are circles. The solid circles represent souls taking on a physical life experience. The size of the circle indicates various stages of spiritual enlightenment. The segmented circles in white are the souls that have chosen to stay and give guidance.

On his left side is the side of the altars. These altars represent the different spiritual hunting societies that give reverence in ceremonies to the Antelope to plant the seeds of life and to seek spiritual blessings to be shared with all people.

His back, with a granite rock patina, represents the earthly realm. Upon it are petroglyph images of an ancient Pueblo people.