Love Those Melons

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“Love Those Melons”


The idea for this Koshare came from something I witnessed at a sacred ceremony during a slow time of the dances.

Five or six Koshares were standing in the middle of the plaza when a woman dressed in her ceremonial regalia walked by. She happened to be well endowed and one of the Koshares couldn’t resist falling into step behind her and mocking the way she walked. The Koshare raised his hands up to emulate breasts and she looked back and saw him. She blushed, her face turning several shades of red, threw her shawl across her face, and ran off.

The Koshare was left standing in the middle of the plaza, his hands hefting air, looking bemused by her reaction. Remembering that image, it wasn’t hard to add the melons and the gleeful smile.