Munecas Dance: Ragdoll Dance

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“Munecas Dance: Ragdoll Dance”

15″ H x 6″ W x 8″ D    |   Limited to 25 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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With this sculpture, I wanted to show how much I love to dance the Pueblo corn dance. There is an enthusiasm and anticipation I feel, and the community shares, the week before the Pueblo Feast Day. I especially enjoy going into the kiva in the evenings to learn the songs and practice the steps in the dances. When the day finally arrives, it is exciting to get up in the morning and start getting ready. An incredible vibrant energy lasts throughout the day. This energy and enthusiasm is what I wanted to convey.

This girl is about seven years old. It is the morning of the dance and she is so eager to dance that she runs out the door forgetting she has her ragdoll in her hand. Running next to her is her puppy, her best friend. As she gets closer to the kiva she begins to skip to the beat of the song in her head as she makes her doll dance.

I worked hard to give her as much motion and energy as possible while still maintaining a very traditional feel and way about her. She embodies my love of our Pueblo songs, dances and traditions.