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25”h x 9”w x 9”d   |   Limited to 40 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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Oneness is about Soul energy, or Life energy. I imagine that in my beginning, I had a yearning to experience life, so my Soul individuated from the Source energy, or God energy. As my Soul swirls up from the Source, at a certain point it bursts with absolute bliss and delight into the experience of all that is positive space and all that is negative space. The space that developed within the sculpture as a result of the blissful burst is the space of the Soul. My belief is that the Soul is connected to all that is the heavens, or the Universe, so the patina inside of the sculpture is the colors of the Universe. The texture within the iridescent dark blue colors represents the unsettled drama that seems to play out within each of us, I would call this the “stuff” we’re working on, or it could also be the essence of what we may have experienced in previous lifetimes.

Their faces are composed of altars. Each altar step design represents a higher level of awareness understood by our Soul as it experiences its chosen lifetimes. Their headdress is formed in the likeness of an altar. On one side is a soft magenta color that represents the essence of femininity. On the other side is a deep blue fade, this color represents masculine energy and he has the two lines below his right eye. These lines are the markings of a protector. The warm colors I placed on the outside surface of the sculpture represent the colors I observe in nature, the changing colors in foliage, the rise and setting of the Sun, and the colors in a rainbow. The colors fade from a dark base to a light gold patina. At the top, the gold represents the highest levels of awareness that has been shown to us through examples of enlightened Masters that have walked our Earth. There is a high polish on the outside edge along the headdress and on the inside edge of each individual swirl. This high polish gold represents my belief that we are made of original bliss, and not of original sin. This is the purity of God Source energy that we are.

Lastly, I shaped their headdress in the form of an altar, because my hope is that at the end of this life experience, when I’m ready to make my way back home, that it was a Holy experience. An experience of Wholeness, as in, putting back together, and a reunification with God energy, and creating the experience of Oneness once again.

At this point in my life, this is what feels true for me. However, I?m always open to expanding my awareness and the change it creates to my truth.