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21.5”h x 22”w x 9”d   |   Open edition
Approximately 8-week lead time
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The Process is a sculpture that expresses the understandings I have about the nature of life.

My understanding is that life is impermanent and in continuous change or movement. This movement is articulated by the motion of the sculpture traveling up and down into the male and female altars. The negative space that is created by this movement suggests a head and body, a symbol representing the Source/Creator of all things.

The white patina on the inside symbolizes the purity of divinity. On the outside of the male and female altars is a darkened texture that represents the drama of life. Placed on top are polished petroglyph designs of rain clouds, lightning, the sun, and the moon, a circle for the soul of the angel that gives guidance, and an altar step design for prayer and mediation. On the male and female altars is negative space representing the Source/Creator.

My intention in creating this piece is to contemplate some of the most profound statements inspired by the Creator. The process of creating this piece and the constant revisiting of these profound concepts brings me closer to knowing and experiencing the Source/Creator that inspires the life I now create.