Pueblo Corn Dancer – Male

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“Male Pueblo Corn Dancer”

19.5”h x 9”w x 10.5”d | Limited to 40 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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Sets available! See below

Male Pueblo Corn Dancer

Sets Available!

Set of Three: (2) Females and (1) Male

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The Male Pueblo Corn Dancer

In our Feast Day Corn Dance the male leads two to three female dancers, sometimes there may be as many as four ladies that the male leads. In my village there are as many as 400 dancers in two lines, they are of all ages, from the newest 3 and 4 year olds to those that have crossed into their 70’s. Without their faces these two sculptures represent all the generations of our people that have loved this dance, those who love and participate today and those who will love this dance in the future.

In both male and female sculptures I tried to express how much we love dancing together. During the dance there are five sets of songs, the second song of each set has an uptempo beat, this gives us an opportunity to “really get into the dance!” I tried to capture the high uptempo movements that this second song gives us an opportunity to express. In the early evening when the last set of songs are being sung, a surge of energy comes when you lose yourself in the Song, we can feel Spirit come within, filling us with all we need to dance to our highest potential. It is at the height of this Energy that it seems as if all the people watching you fade away, its just you, and your partner in sync. You become one, your dance movements catching every break in the beat of the song. Then when the song ends, it leaves a marvelous feeling, a feeling that invigors your Love of Life. It is with prayer we carry this feeling, this energy, home with us to share the Blessings with our family, our friends, and our homes.

In the Pueblos we have two (or more) Kivas that make up our villages, in Jemez we have the Pumpkin Kiva and the Turquoise Kiva. My family belongs to the Pumpkin Kiva so this dancer has the Pumpkin color for his body paint. An orange/brown earth slip gathered from a special place is what is used. At some point, or upon request, we will have a dancer from the Turquoise Kiva with the turquoise body paint.

~ Joe Cajero Jr.