Sharing the Spirit

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“Sharing The Spirit”

20″ H x 18″ W x 12″ D    |   Limited to 20 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
Order through our Purchasing page or Email Joe

This is the first bronze piece I created. I consider it to be a big turning point in my career. Sharing the Spirit is the result of a week-long bronze workshop that I attended in Bloomfield, New Mexico in 1999, instructed by Orland Joe. Considering the duration of the workshop, I decided it would be best to concentrate on the upper torso of the human figure, which at that time, was still a challenge for me.

This koshare is singing a medicine song, a prayer at the beginning of a ceremony. This song makes reference to hummingbirds and other small, winged creatures. A hummingbird that happens to be buzzing by, hears the song and is drawn to it, not only because of its content but also by the koshare’s kind calmness. The gentle way about him gives the hummingbird confidence to come, land on his finger and share in the koshare’s blessing to all.

His necklace of turquoise beads and red chile is a symbol of thanks and praise for another year of abundant harvest. The canteen at his side is filled with water that has been blessed and will often be passed around for people to drink from. The bright smile on his face reflects this koshare’s ability to delight and attract even the smallest of earth’s creatures.