Embodiment of Prayer

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“The Embodiment of Prayer”

36″ H x 10″ W x 12″ D   |   Limited to 15 editions
Approximately 8-week lead time
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My creative energy is often spiritual in nature. Each of my sculptures invariably represent some aspect of praise and appreciation for life’s beauty, ebb and flow. The Embodiment of Prayer is a created image that specifically captures what is a reflection of my spirituality. Since my Pueblo religion restricts the realistic unveiling of ceremonial life, I am constantly challenged by the use of abstract art to represent the sacred.

This masculine form is the expression of my intercessions with God on behalf of mankind and our tumultuous world. His mouth is both elongated and vibrant with energy as he sings for all creation a song that is eternal. His headpiece represents the blue sky of day as well as the majesty of heaven. The figure is made up of three distinct sides that bring meaning to the whole.

The front-left side is divided into four panels, each embodying a scared element of life. The wavelike pattern in the top panel represents not only the life giving properties of water but also the never stagnant flow of meaning and purpose within the individual, moving from generation to generation. Stars of various sizes make up the second panel representing the night sky and the harmonious order of the universe. The third panel celebrates the organic elements of life, earth and all that have been nourished by her.  Large and small altar (kiva) steps framing this panel symbolize the prayers of adults and children while the swirling texture within the framework of the kivas is reminiscent of the ancient, hand-finished pattern found on the kiva walls. The fourth, bottom panel has raised circular designs, each of varied size and texture. The circle represents the maturing of the soul while its texture speaks of the soul’s desire for God.

The front-right side of Embodiment is a place of shadows reflecting the trials and tragedies that are common to all people.  Examining my own period of depression caused by personal loss, I experienced four periods of growth within the emotional darkness.  An altar shrouded in shadow represents each of these four phases and Dragonflies sail beyond the altars free from the darkness. Like nymphs emerging from dark waters to fly on wings in the air, so might man emerge from his own dark moments.  We experience this place of beauty by choosing to embrace the freedom of forgiveness, letting go of the past and embracing the present with soaring hope for the future.

The backbone of Embodiment is a stately stalk of corn. This life-sustaining food is central to Pueblo spirituality, being regularly used in prayer and Pueblo ceremony.  A magnificent symbol of renewal and regeneration, corn is ever faithful to grow toward the sun and sway joyfully with the wind.

May your life be so blessed that you too might dance in rhythm with the Creator.

 – Joe Cajero Jr.