Hopi Water Maiden


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“Hopi Water Maiden”

Giclee print
Original painting was created with acrylic paints.
Printed on canvas with stretcher bars.

Size Options
(each are limited to 60 editions)

24” H x 16” W x 1.5”
30” H x 20” W x 1.5”
36” H x 24” W x 1.5”

Each Giclee print is signed on the back side by the artist and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity with edition number and the writeup.

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“Hopi Water Maiden”

The Water Maiden comes with a Male partner, the Water Tiyo – the Water Boy. The dance is named for the female, the Hopi people called it the Palhikmana Dance – The Water Maiden’s Dance.

It is performed in prayer for rain to come and for snow to cover fields in the Wintertime in preparation for the planting season.

The young ladies chosen for this dance must be without children, a time in their life before marriage. She is a reflection of purity, the essence of rain, snow, and of moisture and water.

The moment has arrived. As she performs the ceremonial movements of the dance, her entire regalia will also come alive and dance with her. All of the soft white Eagle Plumes that are tied to the tip of her headdress will dance as if each were engaged with the beat of the drum, mimicking her gestures. Two Eagle feathers are held in each hand. Her hand movements generate the energy of water, drawing moisture from the clouds, as well as from the earth. 

As the height of intensity of the ceremony arrives, our village elders would encourage us to dance with all of our hearts. It is at that moment, you can feel an energy shift and you attune your Spirit to the Spirit of the drum, the Prayers in the songs, and for that time, there is no feeling of fatigue! Only a giving of the Self to become the Spirit of Palhikmana – The Water Maiden. 

Joe Cajero, Jr.