Sacred Fulfillment


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“Sacred Fulfillment”

Giclee prints
Original painting was created with acrylic paints.

Size Options
(each are limited to 60 editions)

18” H x 24″ W x 1.5”
24” H x 32” W x 1.5”
27” H x 36” W x 1.5”

Each Giclee print is signed on the back side by the artist and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity with edition number and the writeup.

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“Sacred Fulfillment”

Koshares are sacred clowns of the Pueblos. They are a highly valued clan among the people of the Pueblos. Their medicine and blessings are of Joy, Happiness and Laughter. One is not born into the clan, instead, becoming a member “comes to one”, like a calling. Seeing themselves repeatedly in dreams participating as a Koshare. However on rare occasions one can be asked to join the clan taking their father’s or grandfather’s place.

With the use of unsuspecting members in the audience of a ceremony, the clown creates a communal laughter by acting out “life’s antics”. These humorous moments fill everyone with positive energy. From the side-splitting laughter comes a feeling of release, opening the way for the blessings of the Koshares to be received.

The prayers in their songs and chants are for fertilization, growth for our crops and life-giving rain.

This profile portrait of a Northern Pueblo Koshare captures a moment of reminiscing the sacred fulfillment from the ceremonial day.

A beautiful butterfly lands on his cornhusk, a symbol of nature’s gentle blessings. It is said that butterflies are a part of the Koshare’s initiation process and that they are their Spiritual Companions.

Joe Cajero, Jr.