Cougar and Shaman Boy

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“Cougar and Shaman Boy”

9”h x 15”w x 17”d

Cougar and Shaman Boy
Cougar and Shaman Boy

This story is about Young Cougar Shaman who’s name is Towa.

Growing up, Towa had repeated dreams of Cougars, these dreams led him to spend most of his time walking in the woods. On occasion he thought he would see glimpses of a young Cougar, at times he would wonder if he saw the animal itself or perhaps the Spirit of a Cougar. As he spent time in the woods he would sit and pray, he prayed to commune with the Spirt of the Cougar, to become brothers with the Cougar.

Then suddenly one day the Blessing came! The now mature Cougar walked from behind the boulders that lined the sandstone cliffs, Towa had become one with its Spirit.
Towa begins to learn the ways of his Brother Cougar, he begins to be able to tap into levels of awareness between he and his brother and harvest the raw power of the Cougar, and this becomes his medicine.

The young Shaman has in front of him a medicine bowl (which can be placed in his hands), his rattle, his medicine bags, one of which he also wears around his neck and has the Sun design on it. He also has his water canteen and his Eagle feather. I’ve heard some of the most valued Eagle and Hawk feathers are those that have been dropped by the bird and found while out walking the woods. I imaged young Towa found this Eagle feather while out gathering his medicine plants and herbs.